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ISO 18091标准推动地方政府可持续发展

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这就是ISO 18091质量管理体系——ISO 9001在地方政府中的应用指南这项标准真正发挥作用的地方。最近更新的这项标准旨在帮助地方当局在提升可持续发展的同时保持高水平的服务。该项标准为实施全面的质量管理体系提供了诊断模型和工具,从而有助于地方当局高效可靠地开展工作。

根据修订该项目标准的技术委员会召集人、地方政府研究专家卡洛斯·加兹登(Carlos Gadsden)的说法,我们可以通过加强地方治理的完整性来建立更强大的地区、国家和全球政府。他说:“ISO 18091是为地方政府提供了一项向民众保证他们的需求和期待得到了充分的理解,并在一致和及时的基础上得到及时解决的绝佳工具。”

ISO 18091是ISO针对公共部门的第一项标准,为地方政府实施ISO 9001标准提供了指南,同时也考虑到了ISO 9001标准运行的背景。ISO 18091R 修订版中纳入了ISO 9001:2015 标准中有关质量管理体系的要求,也纳入了一系列附录,以帮助用户充分利用该项标准,包括地方当局可用于分析其程序和服务范围和成熟度的诊断方法。


ISO 18091 standard brings sustainable development to local government


With a mandate to manage everything from transport to sewerage, to public lighting and civil protection, it’s no wonder citizens expect a lot from their local governments. Newly revised guidelines help them to improve their activities and align them with local needs and expectations, for healthier, happier communities.

The public sector is the largest service provider in any country, offering a broad array of services that directly affect residents’ lives. The challenges are many, not least balancing the expectations of citizens with budget constraints, environmental impacts and demographic changes. In these tough economic times, local governments need to effectively manage the available resources and processes and work together as a system.

This is where ISO 18091, Quality management systems – Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 in local government, makes a real difference. The recently updated standard aims to help local authorities maintain a high level of service while improving sustainability. It provides diagnostic models and tools for implementing a comprehensive quality management system that will contribute to making local authorities both efficient and reliable.

According to local government specialist Carlos Gadsden, Convenor of the technical committee that revised the standard, we can build stronger regional, national and global governments simply by strengthening integrity in local governance. He said: “ISO 18091 constitutes an excellent tool for local governments to reassure citizens that their needs and expectations are fully understood and met on a consistent basis and in a timely manner.”

ISO 18091 is the first ISO standard directed at the public sector that gives guidelines for the implementation of ISO 9001 in local government, taking account of the context in which it operates. It has been updated to include the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems and a series of annexes to help users get the most out of the standard, including a diagnostic methodology for local authorities to evaluate the scope and maturity of their processes and services.

As Gadsden explains, this is not just a technical document for technicians, but an essential tool for politicians to make “politically viable” what is technically indispensable in local governments and their territories. “Local governments can use these annexes to assess their progress across the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ensure the continuity of administrative performance needed to sustain the implementation of the SDGs at the local level”, he says. “This will help them become more efficient, thus saving on resources, implement evidence-based decision making, increase engagement and, ultimately, embed the SDGs in the local context.”


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