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BSI(英国标准协会)近日发布了针对使用在线评价的组织新指南。这项自愿性标准受到了众多领先的评论平台(如Feefo、 Trustpilot和Bazaarvoice)和领先国际消费者协会(如消费者标准化之声)的支持。

ISO 20488为评审管理员在进行在线消费者评论的收集、审核和发布工作提供了明确的指导。该标准解决了误导性评论的问题 - 特别是零售、旅游和休闲行业的评论。通过有效管理其在线评论网站,该标准还旨在保护组织的声誉,使其免受破坏性和误导性评论的影响。




BSI可持续发展和服务部负责人David Fatscher指出,“数百万人依靠在线消费者评论来指导我们的购买,消费者评论是建立电商可信度的宝贵工具。在最好的情况下,在线评论使消费者和供应商能够分享真实的信息和经验。在最糟糕的情况下,评论可能是虚假的,并误导其他消费者。”

 “这项标准为审查评论的真实性与尊重评价者的隐私权之间提供了进行适当平衡的指南。ISO 20488为目前在线评论这一棘手问题提供了解决方案,长久以来,缺乏标准化的指导使得消费者对在线评论的准确性一无所知。”

以往,评论是否有时间限制是由在线平台自行决定的; 例如,在线平台理所应当地认为对于餐馆的评论的展示时间应比对汽车的评论更短。该指南建议在线平台应明确选择发布的时间窗口以避免混淆。


ISO 20488 在线消费者评论——收集、审核和发布的原则和要求适用于在线发布消费者评论的任何组织,包括从其客户收集评论的商品和服务供应商、供应商签约的第三方、或独立的第三方。

以下组织参与了该国际标准的制定过程:Bazaarvoice;加拿大消费者委员会;BSI消费者与公共利益网络;迪卡侬;Feefo;德国酒店协会(IHA);Homestars;驹泽大学;Nomade-Aventure;Reputation Manager;泰德罗杰斯商业管理学院;Trustpilot。

New international standard for online consumer reviews

New guidance for organizations which use online review platforms has been published by BSI, the business standards company. The voluntary standard is backed by leading review platforms Feefo, Trustpilot, and Bazaarvoice, as well as leading international consumer organizations such as ANEC, the European Consumer Voice in Standardization.

The international standard, ISO 20488, sets out clear guidance for review administrators in the collection, moderation and publication of online consumer reviews. It addresses the issue of misleading consumer reviews – particularly those in the retail, travel and leisure industry. By effective management of their online review site, the standard also aims to protect an organization’s reputation against damaging and misleading reviews.

With an estimated £23billion a year of UK consumer spending potentially influenced by online reviews1, the standard will help address consumer protection concerns raised by the Competitions and Markets Authority in the UK over the transparency of online reviews.

The new standard requires those posting reviews, to verify they come from genuine consumers. Retailers must be able to provide contact details for those reviewing their products or services, and must ensure reviews reflect the balance of comments received.  The standard requires that information must be stored confidentially in accordance with GDPR regulations, and allows anonymous reviews as long as contact details are available to check reviews are genuine.

Guidance is given on how review administrators deal with concerns over fake reviews, including criteria for the removal of reviews after their publication. The option to ‘flag’ inappropriate content should be given to regular users as well as moderators, and requirements for a right of response by the suppliers is outlined. It is recommended in the guidance that review administrators keep a record of all illicit reviews, and all documents attached to the reviews, for at least one year from the removal date.

David Fatscher, Head of Sustainability and Services at BSI, said: “Millions of us depend on consumer reviews to guide our purchases, and they are a valuable tool to build trust in ecommerce. At their best, online reviews empower consumers and suppliers and allow the sharing of genuine information and experiences. At their worst, reviews can be false, and spread misinformation among consumers.

 “This guidance strikes the right balance between verifying the authenticity of a review whilst respecting the reviewer’s right to privacy. ISO 20488 is an answer to the current thorny issue of online reviews, where a lack of standardized guidance has left consumers in the dark as to the accuracy of a review.”

Whether reviews are time limited or not is deliberately left to the discretion of the online platform; a review for a restaurant might reasonably be expected to have a shorter time window than a review for a car, for example. The guidance recommends that whichever time window the online platform chooses that it is posted clearly to avoid confusion.

The standard also recommends that pre-emptive steps are taken to consider the issue of bias, conscious and unconscious, among review administrators, which might affect the neutrality of their management of an online review forum.

ISO 20488 Online consumer reviews – Principles and requirements for their collection, moderation and publication is applicable to any organization that publishes consumer reviews online, including suppliers of goods and services that collect reviews from their own customers, a third party contracted by the supplier, or an independent third party.

The following organizations were involved in the development process of this international standard: Bazaarvoice; Consumers Council Canada; BSI Consumer & Public Interest Network; Decathlon; Feefo; German Hotel Association (IHA); Homestars; Komazawa University; Nomade-Aventure; Reputation Manager; Ted Rogers School of Business Management; Trustpilot.

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