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Stephen Bowes是BSI网络安全和信息恢复部解决方案交付和信息技术(IT)负责人,他说:“我们的云保障团队会定期考察市场上新兴的、颠覆性的或成熟的云技术,我们觉得这可能满足客户在网络、云和数据安全方案不断变化的需求的技术。Druva是我们的首选,目前客户


BSI网络安全和信息恢复部常务董事Colman Morrissey指出:“我们很高兴宣布与Druva合作。这个平台整合了对数据的保护和对终端、基础设施和云应用的管理,这些都可以作为我们的服务内容。和传统系统不同,Druva将业务关键数据集成在可扩展备份中,以备灾难恢复,同




Druva欧洲、中东和非洲地区副主席Rick Powles说:“过去一年中,我们看到全球被勒索软件攻击的案例数增长惊人。这使得很多企业和咨询公司重新考虑他们的数据安全保障方法。作为云数据保护和管理的领军者,能与BSI合作,Druva感到十分激动。长期以来,BSI在提供融


Druva首席信用官Andrew Nielsen说:“Druva和BSI的合作使得各组织可以轻松适应所以相关合规条例和数据隐私规则。很多跨国经营的公司有多种规则制约信息的访问权限,同时他们还需要保护其运营免受勒索软件或数据丢失风险的影响。与BSI的合作可以针对可信数据的可



BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience partners with Druva to meet demand for cloud-based data management and protection solutions


BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience announced today that it is partnering with Druva, the global leader in cloud data protection and management, as part of its cloud assurance offering to clients. Druva enhances the cybersecurity consultancy firm’s portfolio of

cloud security solutions with its Data Management-as-a-Service platform, which provides simple management and protection for data stored in the cloud, across endpoint devices, within corporate data centres and at remote locations.

The BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience cloud security product division complements BSI's consulting and training department and has seen over 100% growth in 2017 as the demand for technology solutions to secure company data increases exponentially.

European businesses have seen a surge in ransomware attacks in recent years as hackers move to monetize their efforts, with many businesses forced to invest heavily to help mitigate the threat.

Amongst many products and features, Druva’s technology offers clients a simplified way to restore their data to previous versions in the event of ransomware and malicious malware attacks. With company data now commonly distributed across individual endpoint

devices, held in data centres and stored in the cloud, organizations are looking for solutions to help manage how they back up and protect their data. In the event of a ransomware attack, IT teams using Druva technology can simply clear any affected system and restore

it back to a “known good” state. With the right user-defined data backup policies, this can be achieved in a matter of minutes for some organizations.

Stephen Bowes, Head of Solutions Delivery and IT at BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience says, “Our cloud assurance team examines the market on a regular basis looking at emerging, disruptive and maturing cloud technologies that we feel meet our clients’

changing requirements in the areas of cyber, cloud and data security. Druva came top of the list for us – the solutions it provides for clients are in high demand right now. Partnering with Druva allows us to provide a comprehensive Data Protection solution to our clients.”

Colman Morrissey, Managing Director of BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience says: “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Druva. It is a single platform that unifies data protection and management for end points, infrastructure, and cloud

applications — all delivered as a service. Unlike traditional systems, Druva aggregates this business critical data for scalable backup and disaster recovery, while also unlocking the true value of search and advanced analytics for governance of that data.

“We’re continuing to see a huge number of clients approach us for assistance in ransomware defence. With the advent of GDPR, as well as the widespread media coverage of high scale ransomware attacks in recent times, UK and Irish firms are really starting to take

notice. Our partnership with Druva will allow us to offer an effective and innovative solution to our clients and will complement our already expansive consultancy and technology offering in the area.”

Rick Powles, Regional Vice President, EMEA of Druva says:  "Over the last year we have seen a staggering increase in the number of global ransomware attacks. This has led to many companies and consultancies reconsidering their approach to data security. As the

leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, Druva is extremely excited to be working with BSI.  BSI has a long history of being the global leader in providing holistic security solutions that blend a combination of consultancy and technology solutions.  BSI’s

selection of the Druva Cloud Platform demonstrates their commitment to staying on the cutting edge of Information Resilience in today’s evolving compliance and threat landscapes.”

Andrew Nielsen, Chief Trust Officer of Druva, says: "Druva’s partnership with BSI allows organizations to keep pace easily with all the relevant compliance regulations and data privacy rules. For many companies that operate internationally, they have multiple rules on

what data can be accessed and yet they need to protect their operations against risks like ransomware or data loss. This partnership with BSI gives customers a complete service offering for trusted data visibility and security, while making it easier to track data assets

for compliance with GDPR.”

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