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ABB集团Emerg-ilite EMEX Power的中央紧急供电系统率先使用该标志。


BSI发布功能安全风筝标志,用以证明制造商的电气系统或电力保障系统在其生命周期内可在需要或紧急状况下正常工作。紧急状况包括紧急照明、消防及安全警报或阀门及紧急关断。第一个获得该标志的是ABB集团的 Emerg-ilite EMEX Power中央紧急照明供电系统。






ABB Emergilite的全球生产线经理达伦·伯奇(Darren Birch)说:“获得BSI颁发的第三方风筝标志证书对于安抚特定人员、设计师及用户(责任人)情绪是非常重要的,因为该证书可以证明商品符合使用要求,并在同等级产品中拥有最高的安全性和可靠性。


BSI的英国产品认证部主任娜塔莎·班布里奇(Natasha Bambridge)说:“这个行业越来越多地应用到自动化安全系统,因此采取必要措施,防止人员及牲畜受伤、资产损失及环境破坏,是十分重要的。”



BSI launches new Kitemark for Functional Safety


-ABB’s Emerg-ilite EMEX Power central battery system for emergency lighting is first product to achieve this Kitemark-

BSI, the business standards company, has today launched a new Kitemark™ to help manufacturers demonstrate that their products are both effective and fit for purpose, and can function in times of emergency.

The BSI Kitemark™ for Functional Safety will verify that a manufacturer’s electrical or electronic safeguarding systems will perform when required, and at critical times throughout their lifecycle. This may include products such as emergency lighting, fire and security alarms or valve and emergency shut-offs. The first product to achieve the Kitemark is ABB’s Emerg-ilite EMEX Power central battery system for emergency lighting.

Functional Safety is increasingly becoming a requirement to prove the reliability of safety-related products to customers and specifiers, in the event of incidents such as operator errors, hardware failures or environmental changes. In order to measure the safety performance or probability of failure for a system, designers specify SILs (Safety Integrity Levels) – the higher the SIL level, the lower the probability of failure and the better the performance of the system.

The new Kitemark rigorously and independently verifies the SIL, providing assurance that these safeguard systems work exactly as they should, even if they are dormant for extended periods. The scheme has been developed for applications where the consequences of failure could result in significant risk to the public, employees or environment. For example in fuel storage depots, shopping malls or hotels.

In order to achieve the BSI Kitemark for Functional Safety, manufacturers will be independently assessed against the requirements of EN 61508 Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems. BSI’s technical experts will validate that the manufacturer’s capabilities and processes for generating products meet the required SIL throughout the sixteen phases of the safety lifecycle. As with other Kitemarks, organizations holding the Kitemark will be routinely assessed.

Darren Birch, Global Product Line Manager at ABB Emergilite said:“Obtaining the third party Kitemark certificate from BSI is essential to give the specifier, designer and user (the responsible persons) the peace of mind that the product is fit for purpose and has the highest qualifications in its class for safety and reliability.

 “In today’s emergency lighting market the competition is fierce and we are flooded with products at lower price points and claimed benefits. However we strongly believe that our products should be a pinnacle of what safety products are meant to stand for, and this certification along with others we hold provides an excellent standpoint to emphasise this.”

Natasha Bambridge, UK Product Certification Director at BSI said: “The industry is increasingly using automated safeguarding systems, therefore it’s vital that the necessary processes are put in place to prevent injury to people and livestock, damage to assets or environmental harm.

 “The BSI Kitemark has a long established history of supporting organizations and consumers to help them manufacture and select products and services that they can trust; with new schemes being developed in response to societal needs. Achieving this independent third party certification will help organizations to demonstrate that the Safety Integrity Level claimed for the product can be achieved.”

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