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目前,全球范围内的渔场超过一半已充分开发,且有30%以上存在过度捕捞。BSI推行的新规范PAS 1550:2017谨慎地评估了渔业/海产和含海产成分产品的合法来源,包含进口和加工,列出了检查进口欧盟的海产品或在欧盟区加工的海产的合法来源的相关建议。



在环境正义基金会、世界海洋保护组织、皮尤慈善信托基金和世界野生动物基金会等机构的支持下,PAS 1550会与现行的关于非法捕捞、未报告捕捞和无管制捕捞的规定一起使用。欧盟法规对进口欧盟或在欧盟区捕捞的海产是否合法地捕捞、运输和加工有监管要求。PAS 1550有助于通过这一过程指导进口商和海产加工商。


BSI可持续性市场发展主管David Fatscher说:“全球范围内,渔业和水产养殖业提供了多于2.5亿个工作岗位。PAS 1550为进口和加工海产的组织提供指导。执业守则包括一个样本风险评估清单,以指导他们了解什么会导致事情变得复杂。”

PAS 1550摘录了国际劳工组织“钓鱼公约”,并收录了欧盟市场规则局部细节的背景资料。执业守则适用于零售、食品服务或任何其他涉及海产的行业,例如药品和宠物食品也涵盖其中。

以下组织参与了PAS 1550的编写:英国零售联盟;地球客户(ClientEarth);环境公正基金会;FishWise;英国食品饮料联合会;海上人权组织;Lovering食品有限公司;海事管理组织; MRAG有限公司;世界海洋保护组织;皮尤慈善信托基金;海洋渔业企业协会;英国海产业联盟;乐购有限公司(Tesco);WM。莫里斯超市;世界自然基金会(WWF)。


New code of practice for tackling illegal fishing and depleting fisheries

BSI, the business standards company, has launched a new code of practice for importers and processors of seafood on how to navigate the murky waters of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. 

Globally, over half of the world’s fisheries are fully exploited, and a further 30% over-fished. BSI’s new code of practice, PAS 1550:2017 Exercising due diligence in establishing the legal origin of fishery/seafood products and marine ingredients – importing and processing – code of practice, lists recommendations on how to check that seafood products being imported or processed within the EU are legally sourced.

Recommendations include what the seafood sector should do to ensure decent labour and employment conditions in the sector, and what traceability systems should be used to verify source claims. An organization handling seafood should have systems in place to manage critical aspects of legality – including processes, information verification, and transparency.

Issues concerning the supply chain, and the responsible management of fisheries, are covered, with guidance on how an organization can avoid sourcing seafood from vessels which appear on blacklists. The code of practice also includes a dedicated section on social and ethical responsibility.

Developed with support from the Environmental Justice Foundation, Oceana, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and the WWF, among others, PAS 1550 is intended to be used alongside existing regulation concerning illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. EU regulation specifies that there is a regulatory requirement to undertake due diligence on whether or not seafood which is caught in or imported into the EU has been legally caught, transported and processed. PAS 1550 helps guide importers and processors of seafood through this process.

As well as importers and exporters of seafood, the PAS is relevant to authorities and other entities – such as NGOs, industry associations and certification bodies – where it can provide a benchmark for developing a due diligence system and provide information on the expectations of processors and importers.

David Fatscher, Head of Market Development for Sustainability at BSI, said: “Fishing and aquaculture provide over 250 million jobs world-wide. PAS 1550 was created to provide guidance to organizations which import and process seafood. The code of practice includes a sample risk-assessment checklist to guide them through what can be a complex process.”

PAS 1550 includes an extract from the International Labour Organization Work in Fishing Convention and background information on the minutiae of EU market rules. The code of practice applies to all aquatic ingredients sold into the retail, food service or any other sector that contain aquatic items – including, for examples pharmaceuticals and pet food.

The following organizations were involved in the development of PAS 1550: British Retail Consortium; ClientEarth; Environmental Justice Foundation; FishWise; Food and Drink Federation; Human Rights at Sea; Lovering Foods Ltd; Marine Management Organisation; MRAG Ltd; Oceana; The Pew Charitable Trusts; Seafish; UK Seafood Industry Alliance; Tesco Stores Limited; Wm. Morrison Supermarkets plc; WWF.

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